How to Convert Your Tires to Tubeless - Tubeless Conversion

A complete walkthrough for converting bicycle wheels and tires to a tubeless system, including preparing the components, sealing the rim with tape, installing the valve, and installing the tire. Also included are some troubleshooting tips specific to converted tubeless wheels. Looking to install tubeless tires? Watch this video: Watch our fat bike-specific tubeless video to learn how to convert and install a tubeless fat bike wheel: Read a text version of this video at Tools & materials used: • SZR-1 Scissors - • UP-SET Utility Pick Set - • SD-SET Screwdriver Set • Steel Core Tire Levers - • Tire Levers - • tubeless valves, tubeless rim tape, rags Tubeless tires have become quite popular especially in cyclocross and mountain biking, and even fat tire biking. They give good traction because they can be run at lower air pressures without the risk of pinching and flatting an inner tube. Additionally, the sealant poured inside can fill small punctures in the tire, giving a more maintenance free ride.

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