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NSMB Tests Lizard Skins and DMR Grips Back-to-Back

Grips are one of those low-cost, easily replaceable items that make customizing your bike a breeze. As self-professed bike-nerds, that’s part of why we love them so much! You can totally change the way the front of your bike feels (and looks) with a comparatively low-cost item that you can swap out in a minute or less. To make choosing your next set of grips a little easier, NSMB have compared two of the most popular grips on the market today, the DMR Deathgrip and Lizard Skins Danny MacAskill, so you can choose your next grip according to what works best for your riding style.

Since it hit the market earlier this year, the DMR Deathgrip has been constantly been the grip of choice around the LTP office, but the Lizardskins MacAskill grip brings several important features to the table which sets it apart form the Deathgrip. The MacAskill has a smaller clamp, and recessed clamping bolts. For riders who ‘choke up’ on their grips (ride with their hands on the inside portion of the grip) this reduces the possibility of friction between the thumb joint and protruding metal parts. This is especially important for riders who don’t typically wear gloves- nobody likes to get to the bottom of the hill with bloody digits.

image courtesy of NSMB.com

The MacAskill grips use the same diamond-pattern through the entire length of the grip, with only a slightly thicker untextured portion near the inside end. For riders who find the mushroom-pattern of the Deathgrip too soft or unpredictable, the single pattern and more consistent diameter provides another level of predictability. The lack of mushroom pattern does occasionally lead to more thumb-blisters though; gloveless riders beware!

image courtesy of NSMB.com

NSMB did a thorough job comparing the two grips, and you can find more details of the comparison on their website. Unsurprisingly, they conclude that both grips will continue to see time on their bikes, as they both bring a lot to the table in terms of grip, comfort and control. You can find both the Lizard Skins MacAskill grips and the DMR Deathgrips at your local LTP Sports dealer, where you can give them a squeeze before buying, and check out the range of colours that both are available in!