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The TRP Slate T4- Long Term Review

TRP have been making waves in the mountain bike brake world for several years now, and their latest series of mineral-oil-powered stoppers is winning wide acclaim. We reviewed the Slate T4 brakes late last year, and praised them for their dependable power, ease of service, and value. Pinkbike recently conducted a long-term review of the brakes, and were similarly impressed.

“For the price, the Slate T4 brakes perform at or above the level of the competition, with easy setup, along with excellent consistency and reliability.”
-Daniel Sapp, pinkbike.com

The Slate T4 is a 4-piston brake, running different sized front and rear pistons to aid in modulation. This design gives the brakes more modulation and control, but with a similar bite-strength to brakes like the Shimano Zee and SRAM Guide, and makes for a very confidence-inspiring ride.

“The brakes felt very solid, with no sponginess or softness to speak of. The lever initially felt a little overbuilt, but, once I adjusted the reach to my liking, it was quite comfortable.”
-Daniel Sapp, pinkbike.com

You can find the complete review on Pinkbike.com, where Daniel goes into greater detail about the brake’s design history and more in-depth analysis of the brake’s styling and long-term reliability. The Slate T4 is available through your local Live to Play Sports dealer.