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Five Gift Ideas for the Health-Conscious Person on your List

We’ve all got that health-conscious person in our lives, and this time of year it’s time to start thinking about gifts that will make their journey a little easier (and maybe allay some seasonal-indulgence-induced guilt). Whether they’re an avid cyclist or not, the benefits of keeping tabs on heart rate, calories, and weight can’t be overstated, and technology that will make those metrics easier to track will go a long way to making health-goals more achievable.

We’ve assembled a list of five gifts for the health-conscious person in your life, organized by price.


  1. Wahoo Fitness Smartphone Arm Band $42
    Performance clothing being what it is, there isn’t always much room for electronics and other accessories that make the activity better. There’s nothing worse than going for a ride or a jog with a phone bumping around in your pocket. Wahoo Fitness makes an armband that holds an iPhone or iPod touch out of the way, allowing the wearer to stay connected without issues.

  2. Topeak Panobike Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor $99
    Easy to use and comfortable to wear, the Panobike HRM uses advanced Bluetooth Smart technology to extend battery life. The Panobike HRM allows the wearer to review their heart rate data in real time, on any bluetooth-capable device. Monitoring heart rate while exercising makes workouts more effective, and will help the user tailor their workouts to their specific goals.

  3. Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Mini Computer $130
    Bike computers are a huge motivational tool, and tracking metrics like speed, distance, heart rate and cadence is a must for any athlete serious about training. The Wahoo Elemnt Mini harnesses the power of the users smartphone, and provides important information in real-time to the rider via a bar-mounted display. The simplest and most cost-effective way to get all the information a rider needs, when they need it.

  4. Kinetic Z-Rollers $500
    You can’t really beat rollers for a full-body riding workout indoors. Unlike conventional stationary trainers, rollers allow the bike to move side-to-side, and require the rider to maintain momentum and balance while spinning. The result is a better workout of core muscles, back, arms and shoulders. Rollers require more concentration as well, resulting in a more engaging ride experience without distractions like a TV.

  5. Wahoo Kickr CLIMB $850
    The pinnacle of indoor training technology, and the ultimate upgrade to an indoor stationary trainer system, the Wahoo Kickr CLIMB raises and lowers the front of the bicycle to simulate changes in terrain. When paired with a training system like Zwift, riders can train virtually on real-world courses, with inclination and resistance changing in real time according to the road conditions.