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Grinduro Training with the Wahoo Elemnt computer

Grinduro, a 60-mile gravel race, timed like a mountain bike Enduro event, takes place in Northern California this coming weekend, and LTP Sports’ resident graphic artist-turned bikepacking wiz Brendan is heading down to participate in the event for the second year now.

“Grinduro is all about the party-to-race ratio. I like to think I’m 70/30 and have been training for that 70% most of my life.”

The massively popular event began in Northern California, but has since expanded overseas, with a stop on the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

Brendan has been training for the event by riding all the gravel he can find. The rugged mountain roads of the Lower Mainland of BC provide the ideal training ground for such an event; with all the long, steep gravel climbs one could want. Brendan has been using Wahoo Fitness’ Elemnt computer to track his training. The Elemnt allows him to map his route, track elevation, speed and distance, and keep an eye on his climbing heart rate as he attacks the intense offroad climbs on his custom painted Norco Search XR.

“The Wahoo computer got me thinking about my heart rate a bit more but more importantly kept me on the right track with the map. ”

Brendan stores his supplies (tools, food, and a first aid kit) in his Topeak Midloader frame bag. The frame bag allows him to carry larger and heavier items central to the bikes frame to minimize swaying and ensure that the extra load goes unnoticed on rough terrain.

“The Midloader was great at keeping all my snacks, extra layers and other essentials on the bike and off my back.”


Check out this video of the 2016 Grinduro event in Quincy, California:

Whether your offroad adventures take you to far-off events like Grinduro, or just outside your back yard, your local Live to Play Sports dealer can help you find the information and products that you need to make your ride more enjoyable.