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Heart Rate Monitor Mistakes

A heart Rate Monitor is an excellent tool to ensure that you get the absolute most out of any ride. Whether a simple commute, a training ride in advance of a big event, or a short jaunt out to your local bike trails, a Heart Rate Monitor will ensure that you’re getting the greatest benefit, at the lowest risk to your health. We recently wrote an article about just how to use your HRM to level-up every ride.

Our friends at Bicycling Magazine are no strangers to Heart Rate Monitor use, and compiled a list of frequent mistakes that HRM users are prone to. You can find that article here!


The bulk of the issues that HRM wearers notice are with pickup. Ensuring that your monitor is the correct side up, and moistened properly are key. HRM’s, even those as accurate as the Wahoo Tickr rely on a good contact with the wearers skin for a proper reading. Make sure you have your HRM on properly!

The article also points out the greatly increased accuracy of a chest-worn HRM over a watch style. In calculating heart rate variations over short periods of time (when calculating max heart rate, or during high-intensity work) a chest-worn HRM is much more accurate. It is advisable to wear one, and have it communicate with the computer on your bike, as this is the most accurate, and also easiest to read while cycling.


Improper interpretation of the data is another common issue for first-time HRM users. Taking the time to figure out your training zones is a very important first step in using your HRM to improve your ride. For full instructions on calculating your resting and maximum heart rate, please refer to our blog, which will walk you through the steps.

If your current Heart Rate Monitor is getting old, you’re looking to upgrade to a better quality and more accurate unit, or you’re looking for your first HRM, head to your local LTP Sports dealer. There, you can check out the Wahoo Tickr, a super easy-to-use, accurate, and great-value Heart Rate Monitor.



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