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New Sight & Optic for 2024 – The Names Haven’t Changed, But the Technology Has.


Sight and Optic, full of new innovations for 2024.

Norco Bicycles has unveiled a ground-up redesign for two of their mainstay models. The new Sight and Optic are here.

Since introducing the bike in 2012, Sight has been the go-to for uncompromised All-Mountain performance. It’s shown up at the top of international Enduro podiums, shredded the North Shore, and has become the bike for riders who’re all-in, every time they’re out.

With the last generation of Optic that was released in 2019, Norco set a new standard for capability with the fastest, most aggressive trail bike around, and firmly established that suspension travel isn’t the only indicator of how much a bike can handle.

Video: Same Names, New Confidence. 2024 Sight and Optic.

Same Names, New Confidence.

For the new 2024 models, both bikes are set to gain serious ground with the new Virtual Pivot Suspension | High Pivot (VPSHP) platform, an innovation that has been tested to the limits to ensure ultimate performance.


With 160/150mm of travel, the 2024 Sight takes the best of the Range platform and has tightened it up into a light, pedal friendly, maneuverable, high-pivot package. Whether you’re carving down a steep loam line, dropping in for an enduro stage, or heading off into the backcountry for an all-day epic, this bike performs. With increased rearward axle path, idler, and the innovative VPSHP suspension layout, this new design gives the Sight next level confidence and capability, up or down the mountain.

Photographer: Andy Vathis
Athlete: Gracey Hemstreet
Location: Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada


With 140mm/125mm of travel, the 2024 Optic condenses years of technology from long travel bikes into a lightweight package that’s as ready to tear up climbs as it is tackling challenging descents. The VPSHP suspension layout provides increased rearward axle path and an idler to manage pedal feedback, keeping Optic’s playful roots, while punching above its weight when the trails get rough.

Photographer: Sam Clark
Athlete: Greg Minnaar
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

As a part of their Rider First mentality, Norco is also introducing a serious upgrade to the industry leading Ride Aligned™ Setup Guide. This update not only covers data for the newest MY24 models, but it will include the entire range of Norco bikes to ensure every rider has the best on-bike experience possible.

More than just a facelift, the enhanced Ride Aligned (live Feb 28th) platform includes:

  • Streamlined bike set up suggestions (suspension, cockpit setup, and tire pressures) for all stock Norco models using rider height, weight, positioning on bike and other modifiers such as preferred suspension feel, trail grip and trail type.

  • A Garage portal to save multiple set ups for varying trail conditions, type and ride feel for the same bike and multiple bikes.

  • Setup Assistant to adjust settings after a few rides and truly dial in your ride to what feels best.

About Norco Bicycles

Norco is a global leader in high-performance mountain bikes, known for its commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and the pursuit of trail-blazing excellence. Founded as Northern Cycle Industries in 1964, operating out of a chicken coop, the brand has evolved over the years, but hard work, passion, and commitment to innovation have always been at the forefront. The mountains and trails of British Columbia are hard-wired into the DNA at Norco, and they will always be the ultimate inspiration for the character and performance of every Norco bike.

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