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As a company and industry who live, work and play in space of privilege, we acknowledge there are unique struggles and deep-rooted realities that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) navigate every day that shape their lives.


At Norco and Live to Play Sports, we believe in the simple truth that all people are worthy of the same rights and liberties and that Black Lives Matter. We believe this as a brand, as a company and as individuals.


At this pivotal moment in the history of racial inequity, silence and inaction are no longer an option if we are to break the ideological supports and structures of racism.  Norco and Live to Play Sports are committed to listening, learning, and amplifying the voices of BIPOC across Canada and around the world.


By acknowledging and better understanding the barriers encountered in the face of systemic racism and implicit bias, we have taken our first small step in the long journey towards greater inclusion within our company, industry and the sport of cycling.


The conversations we have had over the past few weeks with colleagues and those who advocate for racial justice every day have allowed us to formulate the following action plan to ensure these conversations continue, and become permanently woven into the fabric of who we are:


  • Charge senior leadership with implementing company-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training that includes unconscious bias, ensuring follow-though within six months.
  • Allocate time and financial resources to engaging a DEI consultant to ensure our efforts are meaningful and effective.
  • Empower our athletes and ambassadors to speak openly about their commitment to DEI in addition to providing a stronger voice to tell stories that provide the next generation of role models of all backgrounds.
  • Ensure all our partners share our values. It may not always help our bottom line, but we need to stay true to our beliefs, and will evaluate our relationships with industry partners to ensure they align with our core principles.
  • Listen and learn from voices that offer added perspective on issues surrounding race within our community and in cycling. Remain agile and flexible, on-boarding effective new ideas and initiatives that we learn about through these ongoing conversations.
  • We will communicate more regularly on this, and other ethics-related issues internally, and with vendors, dealers and consumers.
  • Continue to build upon the decades of support we have provided to the United Way, as we have always believed in their values; we support their mission of community support, including their commitment to Racial Equity matters.

Norco and Live to Play Sports have always been committed to providing support to help our communities succeed. If you’d like to be part of this conversation about our plan to foster equality and inclusion within our company, cycling and our community, contact us at people@livetoplaysports.com.






John Williams


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