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LTP Sports Donates 1000 Masks to BC Healthcare Workers

LTP’s VP of Operations, Martin Tammik, on his way to donate 1000 masks to Operation Protect


Live to Play Sports works with some of the best brands in the cycling industry and we are thankful for each and every brand we represent.


Our partners at Topeak were courteous enough to send us 1000 surgical masks to help keep us safe. However, with our current initiatives we have been able to set up a safe working environment with most of the staff working from home, and those working at our facilities following all the proper protocols to stay healthy.


This has allowed us to support the Canadian directives to save medical PPE for health care workers. LTP is pleased to donate these masks to the healthcare employees of British Columbia through SafeCare BC’s “Operation Protect”. Our VP of Operations, Martin Tammik, made the drop off last week and we couldn’t be prouder to have made this contribution thanks to our friends at Topeak.


Thank you to all of our business partners around the world who have made contributions to this cause. We will see you back on the trails soon!


Goods received!