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Product Spotlight: Lizard Skins Utility Strap

The world of on-bike storage is ever growing, and the latest game changer to come out is the Lizard Skins Utility Strap. The Utility Strap is an easy way to stow essential tools and a spare tube that is minimally designed as a light weight on-bike storage solution for any rider. This versatile system is made to securely attach under seats and other locations on bike frames, depending on the riders preference. The Utility Strap has a wide strap and durable metal buckle and is designed specifically for biking. Time to keep your heli-straps on your skis and get yourself a proper Utility Strap.


Product Details:

  • On-bike storage solution
  • Inner sleeve to compress tube
  • Multiple spots for tools: CO2, Tire Lever, Multi-tool, etc.
  • Wide strap and durable metal buckle
  • Silicone and rubber grip for stability
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Attach under seat or other locations on bike frame
  • Weight: 4 oz


MSRP: $35.99