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Pinkbike Takes a Look at the Stan’s DART Tool

The Dart is Stan’s solution to fix damaged tires faster, easier, and better than existing plug tools. While traditional tire plugs try to wedge rubber strips into a puncture, the Dart creates a chemical reaction with Stan’s sealant to quickly form a permanent airtight bond. The dual actions of the Dart include the mechanical fill created by inserting a piece of material into the puncture, and a chemical reaction that activates our sealant.



Words by Daniel Sapp via Pinkbike:

So, does it work? Yes. I went through two packs of refills making various cuts in tires and was able to successfully seal most any puncture on the mountain bike tires I tested, minus the time I accidentally made a three-inch gash in the sidewall with a knife…whoops. The Dart is beyond simple to use and easy to throw in your pocket. Coming from having to separate rubber plugs that have melted together off a plastic backing, then attempting to get them through a tool, and finally finagling them into the tire on the side of the trail with sealant all over my hands and gear, the Dart is a HUGE upgrade.


Ease of use alone, the Dart outperforms any traditional tire plug tool. Reloading it is painless and the Darts do their job in sealing most punctures in mountain bike tires in my testing. I was surprised to see the Dart seal up several cuts I didn’t expect it to, in tires with minimal sealant.


You can see his full breakdown of the DART here.


Here’s how to use the new tool that will get you back riding in record time:


 No Tubes DART 

Repair Tool MSRP: $34.99

Refill 5 Pack MSRP: 27.99