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Product Highlight: 49N FaceShield MTB Fender

With rain season officially upon us, its time to talk about fenders because a little, or a lot, of rain shouldn’t keep you from getting out there.



The 49N FaceShield Fender is arguably the world’s best MTB fender. While most fenders are simple and flimsy plastic you have to form yourself when zip-tying to your fork, the FaceShield Fender has features and tech that protects both the rider and the bike:

  • SlopStop: SlopStop leading edge on the fender cuts down on water and mud getting flung forward off the tire and up into the riders face


  • SealSheild: SealSheild drop section wings wrap around fork stanchions protecting delicate seals from all of the crud


  • FlopStop: The clever engineered FlopStop rear section of the fender provides stiffness preventing the fender from flopping around in rugged terrain and prevents the fender from coming in contact with the wheel


In addition, it has reusable zip ties, which cut down on waste in two ways.  One, they allow the user to get the perfect fit on their bike without going through multiple zip-ties.  Two, they allow the user to move the fender to a new bike when the time comes without having to use new zip-ties.


At an MSRP of just $14.99, the 49N FaceShield Fender simple and cost-effective solution to improve anyone’s ride in wet conditions.


FaceShield Fender

MSRP: $14.99