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Fall Commuting Essentials

Fall commuting is in full swing, just in time for the Autumn edition of Bike to Work Week in metro Vancouver.


With the changes in weather resulting in wetter and darker rides as we approach the winter solstice, we have created a list of some of the most appreciated commuting essentials.


Safety first, and that starts with being able to see and be seen. Anyone can get started easily and quickly with a Serfas True Urban Combo.

With 500/70, 750/130 and 100/3000 lumen options, the True Urban combo has something for everyone. In this digestible combo’s, time from research to back on the bike is a little as it gets.

Pro Tip: For situations where there is some light and visibility isn’t too dark, run your lights on lower power settings to extend battery life.


For the ultimate versatility, in-the-know commuters and night cyclists often turn to the Topeak CubiCubi series. With a variety of lumen options, sizes and creative mounts, this popular series will up your night riding game, and street props.


Pro Tip: Mounting lights as low as possible provides more visibility as the surface area being light up increases with the lesser angle of the light hitting it. Try out a front axle or fork mount and see for yourself.


Riders need protection from rain to stay warm and comfortable, and most of all, enthusiastic. Just as important as clothing is fenders, and you can’t go wrong with the Axiom Roadrunner AR series. A sturdy, secure set of full-coverage fenders designed to fit more bikes than any fenders in their class.



Included with the Roadrunner AR’s are proprietary Axle-Runners that mount to almost any front or rear Q/R skewer to “create” eyelets for bikes that don’t have them built in. With their ease of install and overall adjust-ability, the Roadrunner AR is a favourite of both cyclists and shop mechanics.


Finally, bike safety is paramount at all times of year. Hiplock has not only been keeping bikes safe for years but providing a way to transport your lock without frame mount that create weird weight distributions on your bike or needing to carry a pack.

New to the line, the Hiplock Spin takes the award winning wearable chain lock design and adds in an integrated four-digit, customizable combination. No more worrying about keys! Rumour has it, the new Spin will be coming soon in a SuperBright edition as well, to help with added visibility on the roads paired with the increased convenience and safety.