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Cane Creek’s new Tie-Dye Ano eeWings


Words from Cane Creek:

We are proud to announce that our renowned eeWings titanium crankset is now available in extremely limited quantities in a unique tie-dye finish.



eeWings Tie-Dye are made from the same high-grade titanium as the standard eeWings cranks and are hand-finished in a striking blue to purple tie-dye color giving each crank a unique character. This process ensures that each crank will be one-of-a-kind with no two cranks carrying the exact same pattern or finish.



eeWings Tie-Dye are backed by the same best-in-class 10-year limited warranty as the traditional eeWings. Changes and wear to the color are expected as the cranks are ridden and will not be covered by the warranty.  An optional clear adhesive surface protector will be included in the box to help ensure that the finish lasts over the course of regular use.


Get your orders in now and take your bike’s performance and unique factor to the next level!