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Dirt Rag Reviews the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Offroad

Wahoo’s Elemnt and Elemnt BOLT computers are considered by many to be the benchmark for ride tracking; intuitive, functional, and helpful in adding another facet (or element?) to road rides. More and more users are taking the Elemnt and Elemnt BOLT’s functionality offroad, and using the powerful GPS to track trail rides. Tracking location, cadence, heartrate, and other metrics is just as useful for mountain biking, but other GPS units, cellphones, and bike computers don’t have the power to accurately track these numbers. Everyone who’s had their Strava segment not record will understand the frustration.

The good folks at Dirt Rag magazine spend most of their saddle-time offroad, and they’re no strangers to tracking rides through a variety of mediums. Recently Scott Williams from Dirt Rag set aside his Garmin and tried out a Wahoo Elemnt BOLT instead… and (shocker) he loved it!

image courtesy of dirtragmag.com

“It can not be emphasized enough how intuitive the ELEMNT BOLT is to set up and use. As a long-time Garmin Edge user (both the 510 and 520), I found the devices had their fair share of quirks and ill-timed software updates.”
-Scott Williams, Dirt Rag


Scott praises the Wahoo’s functionality and ease-of-setup, noting how simple it is to get the Elemnt BOLT from the box, to the bike, and recording thanks to the well-designed companion smartphone app, which allows for increased ability to customize the Elemnt BOLT to do exactly what the rider needs.


image courtesy of dirtragmag.com


With a longer functional battery life than competing products as well, the Elemnt BOLT is just a simple device to own; ready to go when you are.


“Simplicity is the name of the game for me, and the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT is as intuitive as they come.”
-Scott Williams, Dirt Rag


You can read Scott’s full review on DirtRagMag.com, and get a more in-depth view of just how the Wahoo Elemnt BOLT stacks up against the competition. If you think the Elemnt BOLT is the right choice for you, head down to your local LTP Sports dealer, and they’ll set you up with one!