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Dahon Folding Bike Technology

Folding bikes are a primary means of transportation for many people around the world, opening up a cycling commute requiring the use of public transport, as well as to those with space constraints. Dahon bikes are an industry leader in folding bikes; their technology sets them apart from the competition. Here are five designs unique to Dahon bikes which make them light, compact and affordable transportation solutions for riders everywhere.Tech-Lattice-Hinge_300x300-copy



Those in the know understand that a folding bicycle’s success lies mainly with its hinge. We devoted years of RnD to refining our lattice forged hinge. The end result is feather-light but a heavyweight in strength and performance. DAHON achieves this through cold forging and CNC tooling, including stainless steel and brass components to stand up to all weathers and wear and tear.


In order to fold down into a compact package, our bikes feature extended stems with great adjustably for various rider heights. But this kind of stem needs specialized technology to make it strong and stable. DAHON came up with Fusion, a patented and refined arrangement that fuses frame, fork and handlepost into an unyielding unit that won’t let you down.


Starting with the very first DAHON over 30 years ago, the aim of our designs has always been to provide a great ride, not just folding convenience. Our frames have evolved over time of course. DAHON Frame Geometry finely tunes the placement and angle of tubes and components to overcome the problems of smaller wheels and longer stems that most other folding bikes suffer.



The bracing angle of the spokes changes when a rim is made smaller. When a standard 100 mm hub is laced into a 20″ or 16″ rim, it results in a weaker wheel. To remedy this, DAHON pioneered the compact FrontHub: optimized bracing angles are now stronger than comparable 26″ wheels.


One thing you don’t want on a folding bike is an oversized derailleur that complicates the folding process, leaves little ground clearance and exposes it to damage. The Neos derailleur line, with revolutionary low-profile design, mounts directly to the chain stay and solves these problems. Neos’ ultra-short cage delivers clean, quick and accurate shifting, doubling the amount of ground clearance.

Dahon’s commitment to bringing the best technology and design together in creating their folding bikes secures them as an industry leader in folding bike production. If you’re interested in seeing what a folding bike can do for you, or if it’s time to upgrade your existion folding bike, head to your local Live to Play Sports dealer for more information!

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