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Gearing Up for Back to School Part 3: Helmets and Clothing


Staying safe and comfortable on your ride to school can be easier said than done, but the right helmet and waterproof gear can make all the difference. A properly fitting helmet and a visible jacket will make any commute more enjoyable.


Proper helmet fitting is a crucial first step in getting geared up for the new school year. Helmets should be adjusted to be snug, with the strap fitting comfortably under the chin, and level on the wearers head. We wrote a full article on helmet certifications and adjustments, which you can find here if you want more information! Helmets can be chosen for a variety of reasons- comfort, visibility, or just looks. As long as the helmet fits properly and passes CPSC certifications, you’re good to go. Our favourite multi-use helmet is the IXS Trail RS Evo, which is light and well-vented enough for road use, but with sufficient strength and coverage for aggressive mountain use as well. It comes in a variety of colours, and can be found through your local Live to Play Sports dealer.


A good waterproof jacket can make the difference between a dreaded slog to school and a fun way to warm up or cool down from a day of studying. Jackets like Endura’s MT500 are lightweight and breathable enough to keep the wearer from sweating on the ride in, but most importantly will keep them sheltered from the elements. The MT500 is fully waterproof, and comes in a cycling-specific cut that has enough material to work as a casual jacket as well. Tough and durable to handle frequent washing, the MT500 will stand up to years of abuse, and is available in colours bright enough to keep the wearer visible, even on commutes in the dark.


As another school year is about to begin, we hope that this article will support students across the country in getting a little more saddle time into their busy schedules!

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