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Wahoo ELEMNT Review from Bikepacking.com

The Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT GPS computer is a familiar tool to road riders looking to make the most of their training rides, but how does it fare in the hands of a new-school adventure-rider? Cass Gilbert, a writer for bikepacking.com, gives us a new perspective on the uses for the Wahoo ELEMNT GPS computer- as a resource for adventure riders and bikepackers looking to make the most of their time in the outdoors.

image courtesy of bikepacking.com

Cass used the Wahoo ELEMNT for a year before writing the review- and the bikepacking.com instagram account shows just how many cool adventures they’re been on together. After a year of constant use, the ELEMNT has held up well, despite seeing the rigours and inclement conditions that make bikepacking trips so memorable.

The simplicity of use is a major feature of the ELEMNT- and one that sets it apart form the competition. Cass notes right away how straightforward pairing and using the device is.

The ELEMNT pairs easily to modern smartphones. image courtesy of bikepacking.com

“In comparison to Garmins that can complicated to set up and sometimes bug-prone, the ELEMNT is intuitive and reliable.”
-Cass Gilbert, bikepacking.com

For information review, the ELEMNT also shines above the competition. Designed to pair easily with modern smartphones, the ELEMNT syncs with a host of third-party apps to help you track, plan and quantify rides.

Route planning is simple and effective.
image courtesy of bikepacking.com


“Where the ELEMNT really comes into its own is how well it syncs with 3rd party, web-based route planning software, such as Ride With GPS, Strava, and Komoot.”
-Cass Gilbert, bikepacking.com

As a training tool, day-to-day computer, and tool for overnight adventures, the ELEMNT is ideal. However, Cass warns that for bikepackers who spend more time away from the comforts of home (and the chargers, and wifi hotspots that come with them), the ELEMNT does have some minor shortcomings. While a 40 hour battery life is more than enough for the majority of riders, multi-day epics will require the ability to charge mid-way. Cass also notes that the ELEMNT’s intuitive and easy-to-follow route guidance doesn’t allow for much deviation from the set route- though a company as responsive as Wahoo is likely to fix that in firmware updates.

For multi-day rides, recharging capability is recommended.
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“[The Wahoo ELEMNT] is a device primarily designed to follow routes rather than create them… the ELEMNT is undoubtedly an excellent device for training rides, day rides, overnighters, and short trips.
-Cass Gilbert, bikepacking.com

Overall, the Wahoo ELEMNT gets a positive review from Bikepacking.com, as a robust, intuitive, and functional GPS unit, ideal for riders looking for reliable GPS support for their daily or overnight adventures.

Rugged, functional and simple.
image courtesy of bikepacking.com

“Running the ELEMNT as your day to day navigation tool means you can save your phone’s battery life, which is depleted especially quickly when recording a track. And we shouldn’t forget one of the other main advantages of running a separate, handlebar-mounted GPS – it provides extremely clear navigation, even in the rain or bright sunshine.”
-Cass Gilbert, bikepacking.com

The Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Computer is available through your local Live to Play Sports dealer. The device is easy to set-up, pairs to your phone in seconds, and the companion app will have you riding within minutes of taking it out of the box. Make sure to check out the full review on bikepacking.com.