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Trailside Bike Repairs with the Topeak Prep 25 Tool Kit

The Topeak Prep 25 Tool kit is one of the most functional multi-tools we’ve ever used. Becuase it doesn’t fold (relying instead on a large metal lever, into which individual bits are magnetically attached), the torque and control that you can get from the Prep 25 is unlike any other compact tool set. This control is particularly important when dealing with cockpit components, like brake levers.

Recently we were able to put the Prep 25 to the test on a ride, (when filming another tool review) as our borrowed bike’s brake levers needed to be moved. Watch the video to see just how easy it is to use, and how simple a brake swap can be!


The Topeak Prep 25 contains the following tools:

-15mm wrench (for axle nuts)
-Steel and plastic tire levers
-8mm, 10mm box wrenches
-Phillips and Flat Head Screwdrivers
-14G and 15G spoke keys
-1.5mm to 8mm allen keys
-T10-T30 Torx bits
-Chain pin breaker
-Chain tool

The Topeak Prep 25 is easy to use, convenient to store on your bike in a supplied nylon case, and is capable of performing most trailside repairs- even those requiring high torque. The Prep 25 is available through your local Live to Play Sports dealer, so head there today and grab the last multitool you’ll ever need!