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The Wahoo Fitness Kickr Climb Reviewed

James Huang of Cyclingtips.com was skeptical about the Wahoo Fitness Kickr Climb, and rightly so! The first of its kind, the Kickr allows riders to experience the highs and lows of indoor training by realistically simulating varying grades, adding an additional layer of realism to the training experience. Those unfamiliar with the smooth action and enhanced realism that the Kickr provides are often dubious about its value… until they try it.


The features of the Kickr are well established at this point- the training tool was released last year to significant fanfare- but there are still skeptics who aren’t convinced that their indoor training regimen needs the additional realism of real-time grade adjustments. As James points out, the thought of adjusting grade in time with a simulated course (all the while not actually going anywhere) seems a little strange at first. The real value of the Kickr is evident upon trying it out, and experiencing just how much it can add to your ride. The Kickr is realistic feeling, stable, and easy to use. James expands on these points in his review.

image courtesy of cyclingtips.com

“The trick is getting all of this [additional vertical movement] to operate smoothly when you’re riding on Zwift or TrainerRoad, but Wahoo Fitness seems to have pulled that off nicely. Pairing the KICKR Climb to a compatible current-generation KICKR or KICKR Snap trainer is easy. Assuming you have the latest firmware, all you have to do is push a button on the KICKR Climb, and the two devices basically just find each other automatically.”
-James Huang, Cyclingtips.com


The realism of the Kickr gains an additional boost from the ability to recreate real-world routes, based off GPS data collected by a Elemnt or Elemnt Bolt computer. This is a particularly useful tool when training for an event, as by riding the course just once you can record the data and re-create the course later, realistically, and in the comfort of your home.

image courtesy of cyclingtips.com

“Another neat feature is the ability to connect a Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT or ELEMNT Bolt computer to the system, which allows you to recreate the resistance and physical grade profiles of rides you’ve done in the real world.”
-James Huang, Cyclingtips.com


Despite minor complaints about the size of the AC power adaptor, and lack of storage for the included hub adaptors, James was left feeling that the Kickr, though strange in concept, was nevertheless a fantastic tool for those serious about indoor training.

“As skeptical as I was initially about the KICKR Climb, I was genuinely — and pleasantly — surprised by what it added to the experience.”
-James Huang, Cyclingtips.com

You can find James’ full review on the cyclingtips website. The Wahoo Fitness Kickr Climb will be available through your local Live to Play Sports dealer soon!