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The iXS Flow Evo+ Kneepad Reviewed

If you could keep your knees safe on a mountain bike ride without the usual issues of discomfort and overheating that comes from mainstream knee pads, you’d jump on it, right? Well, thankfully it sounds like the fine folks at iXS have it dialled with the Flow Evo+ kneepad. Using patented X-Matter technology, the non-newtonian armour layer in these pads can move with your knee as you pedal, but hardens up on impact should you take a tumble.

image courtesy of pinkbike.com

Moisture wicking and breathability have been improved over previous models, and the fit is still snugly held in place by a single velcro strap below the knee. The Flow Evo+ kneepad is a surefire winner for any trail or Enduro rider looking for the best protection without the hassle of using a traditional armoured kneepad. But you don’t have to take our word for it- Pinkbike’s Mike Kazimer recently reviewed the Flow Evo+ kneepads and loved them!

image courtesy of pinkbike.com

“The Flow Evo+ knee guards are comfortable, low-profile, and provide enough protection for all-round usage… they’re an excellent option for riders looking for a set of well-constructed knee guards.”
-Mike Kazimer, pinkbike.com

Noting the handy removable armour pad, Mike assures us that the pads stand up to frequent washing and harsh riding conditions as well as they do to impacts and long climbs. The comfort of the low-profile design opens these pads up to riders who want to wear them under pants as well as for riders who seek to wear the pads in warmer climates, where thick padding would be too hot and cumbersome.

The removeable X-Matter armour pad.
image courtesy of pinkbike.com

Mike’s only complaint about the pads was the length above the knee- where taller riders can find the pads aren’t tall enough to cover potential thigh-exposure between the pads and shorts when seated. While an aesthetic issue only, glimpses of pasty-white thighs when seated can be a severe detriment to one’s trail-swagger.

You can find the iXS Flow Evo+ knee pads at your local LTP Sports dealer, where you’ll also be able to try on a pair of iXS Sever Freeride shorts, cut a little longer in the leg to prevent the dreaded mountain biker’s ‘gorby gap’.