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Riding the Tahoe Rim Trail with 3T and WTB

Clayton Wangbichler and Marc Gasch are both seasoned mountain bike adventurers. Broadening their horizons, they equipped a pair of 3T Exploro drop-bar gravel bikes with 650b WTB wheels and tires, and set out to circumnavigate Lake Tahoe. The trail system around the lake is renowned for its stunning vistas and unforgiving terrain. Clayton and Marc tested the limits of the 3T Exploro gravel frame on the steep, loose and rocky singletrack around the lake on this bikepacking adventure!

Dodging boulders and bears, the duo made it around the entire lake in three days- a feat when one considers the rough terrain and steep climbs that the route contains. One sage piece of advice that Marc wanted to share was the importance of remembering to bring a good headlamp! Despite frequent hiccups and setbacks, Marc and Clayton kept a good attitude about the adventure, and documented it all for others to follow.

You can read more about Clayton and Marc’s adventure on their blog. In the mean time, start planning your own bikepacking adventure with help from your local LTP Sports dealer! They can help you find all the best tools for the job, from Topeak’s bikepacking series of bags to the 3T Exploro frameset and WTB Ranger 2.0 knobby tires and Ci24 carbon rims that Clayton and Marc prefer.