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Women’s Endura Winter Riding Kit Reviewed

Mountain biking through the winter months takes a serious level of dedication, and serious winter riding kit to back it up. Endura make some of the best wet-weather riding gear available, and their women’s MT500 jacket and trousers are taking home stellar reviews. Pinkbike recently ran a winter gear guide, and found Endura’s line-up ticked all the boxes for making wet-weather riding fun.

The MT500 Jacket II is known as the benchmark for winter-riding apparel. With a waterproof rating of 18’000mm/24hr, it is all but impervious to the elements, while remaining breathable and lightweight.

“The ExoShell60™ fabric uses an impressive lightweight and durable technology to achieve one of the highest breathability ratings of any of the hardshell jackets I’ve tested to date.”
-Nikki Hollatz, Pinkbike editor

Endura is an environmentally-conscious company. Their higher-end products are manufactured in Scotland using sustainable practices, and they value the use of materials with low environmental impacts. Event he DWR coating on the MT500 jacket is free of polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC’s), which is rare among modern waterproof gear. PFC‘s are man-made, fluorine-containing chemicals used to waterproof fabrics, which don’t break down easily, and can remain in the environment for hundreds of years.

“Kudos to Endura for using a PFC-free DWR! In my 9-5 job as an Environmental Health Specialist, I see direct impacts on public and private water systems from specific products used to keep our winter gear waterproofed.”
-Nikki Hollatz, Pinkbike editor

Nikki agrees that the MT500 is the best waterproof jacket available for todays wet-weather mountain bikers.

“Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the technology and the design of [the MT500 jacket]: it looks good, it’s super functional and wears well. In short, of all the foul weather jackets on the market this year, the MT500 Waterproof Jacket II exceeded my expectations and hit the mark for being one my top picks for riding during the dark months of the year.”
-Nikki Hollatz, Pinkbike editor


The full line of women’s waterproof riding apparel from Endura is available now through your local Live to Play Sports dealer. Head down today to try some on, and ensure that your next winter ride is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable!