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The DMR Vault Pedal: Best Grip Winner

The DMR Vault Flat pedal has won Singletrack magazine’s ‘Best Grip’ category in their recent pedal shootout. Singletrack praises their unparalleled grip and design.

image courtesy of singletrack magazine

“Robust, with excellent grip and superb finish. With such aggressive grip and a weight over 400 grams, these are great for those who live for the descents.”
-Singletrack magazine

The pedals are built around a hardened cromoly steel axle, and are rebuildable, easily serviceable, and feature replaceable pins. The shape is slightly bowl-shaped to ensure an easy transition back to ‘home’ position after dabbing a foot through a hard corner.

image courtesy of singletrack magaizine

“Thanks to the bowl shape, I found in use that my feet just naturally slipped into the right position. On flatter pedals I sometimes glance down and find one foot isn’t quite where I think it is. On Vaults, I didn’t even have to look to make sure – you can just feel it.”
-Singletrack magazine

You can find the DMR Vault flat pedal through your local LTP Sports dealer in a wide variety of colours to suit any bike.