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Training Tips from the Tour De France

Team Sky’s victory in the 2017 Tour de France was a close-run thing, Chris Froome taking the win by one of the closest margins in recent decades. Team Sky attributes their victory to their strategy of pursuing ‘marginal gains’; ensuring that all of their athletes receive the best care, training, and nutrition suited to their individual needs.

Photo by Russ Ellis, courtesy of Wahoo Fitness

Photo by Russ Ellis, courtesy of Wahoo Fitness

This policy of monitoring ‘the little things’ is one that can be replicated in the average riders training regimen to similar effect. When you start focusing on treating every ride, indoor or outdoor, as an important part of your training, you will see increases in performance.

A key piece of technology in this effort is a good indoor trainer. Team Sky use the Wahoo Kickr smart trainer to help them stay motivated, even when training on the road isn’t possible.

“I know, that in that moment I take out my back wheel from my bike, turn on the Bluetooth on my phone and reach for a towel from the bathroom, I will be getting a quality session in, no matter what the weather outside is doing.”
-Tao Geoghegan, Team Sky



In addition to being a great training tool before the event, the Kickr Trainer is used by Tour de France athletes on race day. Chris Froome uses the KICKR Power Trainer to warm up before time trials and then again to cool down after each stage. The Kickr’s transportability and ease-of-use makes it a great tool for competitive cyclists to bring to races at any level.

“The use of a trainer before and after has become part of the normal process for any rider seeking the top step.”
-Wahoo Fitness

If you’re serious about your training, head to your local Live to Play Sports dealer to learn more about the Wahoo Kickr Trainer, and how it can boost your riding. The Wahoo Fitness blog is another great resource, where they go into further depth on topics such as Team Sky’s successful training routines.

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