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LTP Staff Rides: Norco Optic Carbon

Lenka Kralikova works in customer service and warranty at Live to Play Sports, and in her tenure here has enjoyed the opportunity to expand her riding horizons. Lenka started mountain biking relatively recently, but her background in road riding ensured that it has been an easy transition. Lenka has been exploring the trails around Port Coquitlam and Vancouver’s North Shore, and has built up a Norco Optic to take her on her off-road adventures.


As this bike is her first serious mountain bike, Lenka was hesitant to spec the frame with overly complicated or high-cost parts, preferring to start with a solid high-end frame, and tailor the bike to her riding style from there. A carbon frame lends stiffness to her ride, making for a more confidence-inspiring descent, and easier climb due to the improved power transfer over aluminum.


“The Optic is a very predictable bike. I feel more confident through the rooty sections which are EVERYWHERE out here!”

Though her bike was built using almost all new components, Lenka had to bring her venerable WTB Volt saddle with her from a previous bike. When you find a saddle that works for you, as Lenka’s has, it’s worth keeping as long as possible. Besides a couple of small rips from crashes, the saddle is in great shape, and will see many more miles of trail.


“The WTB Volt is a really comfortable saddle. I had to change the position a couple of times after I built the bike to get it where I’m used to, but now it’s perfect.”

Lizardskins grips were recommended to Lenka by another LTP Sports mountain biker, as they are soft enough to use gloveless, but tough enough to last through the rigors of year-round riding. The LizardSkins Charger grip comes in lock-on and standard configurations, the Lock-on standing up better in wet weather conditions.


“With all the rain we get around here, I wanted to make sure my grips didn’t slip around when I was riding, so the Charger grip is perfect. They’re really comfortable too!”

Lenka hasn’t been mountain biking long, but she’s already found a large group of friends share her rides with, and to help her hone her trailriding skills. While the North Shore trails can be intimidating for new riders, Lenka urges anyone interested in the sport to try it out. Trail networks like Burke Mountain have trails suitable for beginners, and a great mix of riders, so it’s easy to show up and make new friends on the trail.

Burke Mountain on Trailforks.com

We hope this Staff Rides feature has helped to inspire you to get out and enjoy the trails on your bike. If you have any questions about your bike setup, or to find the products that Lenka is running on her bike, head to your local LTP Sports dealer who can help you out.