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Dropper Posts on Road Bikes

In the 2017 Tour de France, Mavic neutral-support bikes were seen running KS dropper posts, sparking a flurry of interest in the feasibility of running a dropper post on a road bike.


Previously concerns regarding the weight or incompatibility of a dropper post have held road riders back from running the posts on their gravel or cyclocross bikes, but with the super-light (420g) offerings from KS coming in a variety of post sizes, those fears are disappearing.

Dropper posts, Like KS’ LEV, bring several very functional adjustments to a road bike. A dropper post opens up the ability for a rider to change the strain on their primary muscle groups mid-climb. By lowering the seatpost, more strain is put on the riders quads, and less on their glutes, hamstrings and core.

image from cyclingtips.com

image from cyclingtips.com

When running a dropper seatpost, a rider can also stay in the saddle longer during high speed descents, making aerodynamic tucks easier and safer, while retaining the ability to pedal.


from the Fiola Foley blog

from the Fiola Foley blog

Finally, as with mountain bikes, riders running dropper posts through rough terrain can lower their saddles out of the way, opening up more room to maneuver the bike, and allowing the rider to lower their center of gravity to boot. For ways to make the most of this newfound ability, study the tactics of riders like Yoann Barelli.

Expect to see dropper posts becoming more and more popular across a variety of cycling platforms, as their functionality and ease of use becomes more and more apparent industry wide. If you are considering putting a dropper post on your road, cyclocross, or gravel bike, head to your local Live to Play Sports dealer, and check out items like the KS post shown below!

Lev Ci could just be the ultimate dropper post the assured reliability and smooth action of the legendary Lev wrapped in a sub-460 g onepiece moulded uni-directional carbon fibre mast
• 65/100 and now 125/150 mm of infinitely adjustable perfect drop are just enough to turn your ride up to eleven.
• A full unidirectional carbon mast routes our RECOURSE ULTRALIGHT cable system directly through your frame to our KGSL lightweight remote a combination saving over 50 grams compared to our KG ALLOY remote and standard shift cable.
• The result is clean lines for you and your bike. LEV CIs newly designed cable interface system is easier to setup and service while at the other end, a high compression-molded head connects LEV CI to your saddle.
• Our patented one-way roller clutch bearing and highly evolved seal collar keep LEV CI running smooth and free of sideplay for thousands of miles and vertical feet.
• Adjustable air spring hydraulic cartridge to help fine tune the return speed
• Weight: 420-460 g

MSRP: $700.00

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