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Trailside Disc Brake Adjustments

Pinkbike recently produced a video on trailside disc brake adjustments, with some useful tips for fixing pesky rotor rub mid-ride. We thought it was such a great video, we wanted to share it, and add some tips of our own.

The video deals with disc brake rub in a unique (and frankly brilliant) manner- by using the movement of the brake to center the pistons around the rotor. By holding one piston in place using the rotor, you can use the lever to force the other piston(s) to compensate, and center themselves.

This awesome trick is great to have in your arsenal for trailside repairs, but to use it, you have to make sure your caliper is centered in the first place.

When setting up your bike (or doing some mid-season maintenance), take a look at your caliper while the bike is up on the stand, and check that the rotor is centered inside the caliper (not just between the pads). Use the two caliper mounting bolts to adjust the position- loosen both, pull the caliper into a position that is square with the rotor, then re-tighten.

 1 Once you’ve centered the caliper, then work on centering the pistons around the rotor.

2 Things to check:

1. All your rotor bolts should be torqued to the recommended specs (6.2nm for SRAM).
2. Your rotor should spin straight, not showing any warps
3. Your caliper should be properly spaced above the rotor, with the pads contacting the rotor as completely as possible.

Once you’ve got those items checked off, follow the instructions in the video above to re-center your pistons around your rotor!


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