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The Advantages of Road Disc Brakes

Disc brakes on road bikes are quickly becoming the industry standard. There are several reasons for the move, but most revolve around the consistency and power that a disc brake can offer. Better braking consistency and power increases rider confidence, which in turn increases speed; the later you can apply the brakes into a corner, and the sooner you can be back on the power, the less impactful the turn is to overall ride (or race) time.

The range of control that a disc brake offers a rider is far greater than a rim brake, which allows for a superior ‘feel’ for the force being put into your wheels to slow you down.  This translates into a feeling of confidence allowing the rider to push their abilities while still being in control.

Beyond the advantage of increased braking power, disc brakes offer some additional benefits. Wheels tend to be stronger on disc brake equipped bikes. Removing the need for a reinforced braking surface on the rim allows for wheel manufacturers to produce rims at a similar or lower weight than before, with considerably greater lateral and torsional strength. With more power comes easier brake lever actuation, meaning that from any hand position it takes less hand force to slow the bike down. Disc brake pads have a longer lifespan than many rim brake pads, and the replacement of disc brake pads is considerably simpler, usually requiring few to no tools to complete a pad change.

You’ll see the majority of Norco road bikes now coming equipped with disc brakes, and many bikes out there without disc brakes are still compatible. If you are considering an upgrade to disc brakes, head to your local Live to Play Sports dealer, where they can tell you whether your bike is compatible, and can show you the following products to improve your ride!




Avid BB5 Road Brake Caliper
LTP part number: 310123-01
MSRP: $49.99



312432-01 Pic A


SRAM Rival 22 Shifter/Brake Combo
LTP part number: 312437-01 (front)
MSRP: $317.99




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