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RV Approved Bike Racks


If you’re the proud owner of an RV, this is your time to shine; The weather is getting beautiful, parks Canada is waiving park access fees nation-wide, and it’s never been easier to load up your bikes and gear safely, and hit the road.

While RV’s give campers TONS more room than conventional car camping, that extra space always gets filled (think of all the extra marshmallows you could bring!), leaving little to no room for your precious bikes! Yakima, of course, have a plethora of storage solutions to keep your bikes safe and secure outside the vehicle, but they’ve gone a step farther with their LongHaul and RoadTrip hitch racks.


RV’s and trailers, being considerably longer than your average passenger vehicle, put considerably greater leverage on any rear rack than a short vehicle. This extra leverage, compounded by up to four heavy bikes and exerted over hundreds or thousands of miles, can be worrying for the owners of lesser rack systems.

Yakima RV racks 1

Yakima’s LongHaul and RoadTrip hitch racks can carry up to four bikes, and are reinforced to handle the extra leverage. These ‘RV Approved’ racks have been thoroughly tested by Yakima under extreme conditions, so that you can be confident before you hit the road.

Fully loaded up, family, pets, marshmallows and bikes all stowed away, you’re ready to rock onto your next adventure!

The LongHaul and RoadTrip RV-approved hitch racks are available through your local LTP Sports dealer. Drop by and have them fit your vehicle to ensure that you’re prepared for a full summer of biking fun.



Yakima LongHaul

LTP part number: 153317-01

MSRP: $399.99










Yakima RoadTrip

LTP part number: 153317-02

MSRP: $299.99






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