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BMX Freestyle in the Olympics

It has certainly been a long time coming, but BMX freestyle athletes will finally have a chance to compete in the Olympics. The 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo will see bmx freestyle athletes competing on the world stage, cementing the sports legitimacy, and rewarding the efforts of riders and organizers, who have spent years raising the sports profile in the public eye. Bart De Jong, of Haro bikes, has been instrumental in the process of pushing BMX to where it is today. Bart is representing freestyle BMX to the International Olympic Committee for the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo.

This interview from VitalBMX, outlines the success, future plans for the UCI and the state of Freestyle BMX.

BMX Park in The Olympics: The Interview on Vital BMX

Live to Play Sports is proud to distribute Haro bikes, and support riders in their quest for Olympic gold. Haro produce a large catalog of freestyle BMX complete bikes, which can be found through your local LTP Sports dealer.

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