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Cutlery for Mechanics

We’ve all been there- you’re at work, and all ready to dig into that big salad you’ve been looking forward to all day, when you realize you didn’t bring any cutlery. You head to the communal work cutlery drawer and… there’s nothing there. But don’t despair! With help from a couple of common SuperB and ParkTool shop implements, you can be enjoying your lunch of choice in style!



Multi-tool fork: This one’s an easy one. Spread your smallest allen keys out in a fan pattern and clamp down the tension bolt. Voila, a stylish and ergonomic fork!









Allen Key Chopsticks: Bowl of noodles complicating your life? Hands too dirty to dig in caveman-style? Super B allen keys to the rescue. One you get used to their unique weight/balance, you may never use conventional chopsticks again!








Tire Lever Spoon: Have you ever met anyone who calls tire levers ‘spoons’? Well they’re on the right track. Super B’s tire levers are the perfect shape to transport your soup safely and efficiently from bowl to mouth.









Hacksaw Knife: Muffin a bit tough? Super B’s Hacksaw can cut through hardened steel with ease! For extra bonus points, use someone else’s carbon fibre specific blade, and make sure you put it away dirty for entertaining head-scratch factor.






Level Up- Spoke fork: Twist 3 spokes together with a pair of Super B pliers, and you’ve got a stylish ‘artisanally crafted’ utensil worthy of passing down for generations.


We hope you found these tips helpful. Happy April Fools day from Live to Play Sports!