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Meet the New Voice of Live To Play Sports

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we welcome Derek Kidd into the role of Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Live to Play Sports.

Derek racing a Norco Threshold

Derek trying his hardest not to fall over.

Derek comes to us from Oak Bay Bikes, where he gained a solid understanding of the Live to Play brand and products. Derek has worked in the bike industry for over a decade, as a mechanic, sales manager, and event coordinator in his home town of Victoria, BC.

Derek has also done countless hours of work behind the scenes in the cycling community, supporting efforts to increase cycling’s reach and appeal to the public. Some of the events you may know him from are the Jumpship and Beartrax mountain bike festivals. As a director of these events, Derek helped the Dockside Mountain Bike Society put on four spectacular freeride mountain bike events in Victoria, and give back to the mountain bike community on the island.

Derek getting some help from a young mechanic while fixing his city bike.

Getting some help from a young mechanic while fixing his city bike.

Derek has been an avid mountain biker since the age of 12, when he first guided his Norco Katmandu down stairs and through lawns around the suburbs where he grew up. While his cycling experience has grown to include most disciplines, it’s the sweeping singletrack and big-hit adventure of the trail systems and bike parks in the Pacific Northwest that really feel like home.

Derek 'working on' his Norco Range

Derek displaying his mechanical aptitude with a complicated swing-press maneuver.

When he’s not riding his bike, you’ll find Derek tinkering under the hood of his prized muscle car project, climbing or hiking in the woods, or hanging out in Portland, trying desperately to blend in with the hipsters.