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Ryan Nyquist: “I’m a 37 Year Old Rookie” Interview with FMB World Tour

Ryan Nyquist is a BMX legend. A haro rider since 1997 he’s amazed his fans time and again on his 20” wheels. In 2015 he decided to expand his horizons and transfer his talents to mountain biking. At 37 he is shredding harder and bigger than ever. His seamless transition to slopestyle is impressing the world as he continues to kill it on the FMB world tour.

His grit, determination and lust for fun no doubt has contributed to his continued success. We can’t wait to see him in action next month at Crank Worx Les Gets.  The folks at FMB World Tour interviewed the “37 year old rookie” at FISE Montpeiller and here is what Ryan had to say about his newly launched career.

Ryan Nyquist Haro BMX and MTB

Excerpts from FMB World Tour:

What was most difficult in the transition to MTB?

Nyquist:Transitioning from riding BMX bikes to MTB bikes has been very difficult. It’s been an entirely new learning experience. Everything is different, including the bike, a lot of the obstacles on the slopestyle courses, and the tricks need so much more effort in order to make them work. Plus when hopping off my MTB and riding BMX again, it makes the bike feel so small and twitchy compared to my Haro Steel Reserve 1.3. It takes a few hours to really get comfortable on it again and compete in BMX.

At the age of 37 you are at the beginning of another successful career after an enormously successful BMX career. What is your secret to keeping passionate and being so successful yet again?

Nyquist:Hahaha! I’m a 37 year old rookie! That cracks me up every time I think of it. I think just having a passion and goals keeps me in the game and pushing hard. Without goals I’d have no direction and drive would be tough to find. I also love having fun. I’m fortunate to do be something I love for a living. So, I come home from “working”, and I feel full of life and recharged.

What does it mean to you, to be competing at such a high level already and getting the FMB wildcard for Crankworx Les Gets?

Nyquist:Getting the Wildcard for Les Gets is huge for me. It shows me and everyone else that all the hard work and practice I’ve put into riding MTB is working. It was a massive goal of mine to try to qualify for a FMB Diamond Event through my riding alone. I’ve achieved that now and it feels amazing! I’m excited to ride against the best in the world, and I’m sure I’ll learn, what more I can do on my MTB bike.

Where do you think your MTB journey to take you? What is your goal for the FMB World Tour? Or is having fun essential?

Nyquist: Well my main goal this year was to try to qualify for Joyride. With the Wildcard for Les Gets, I think I’m on the right path. I know that everything and everyone steps up for the FMB Diamond Events though. The riders, the tricks, the courses; it seems like everything is bigger and better. So I have a lot of work to do. I’m going to keep working hard to achieve those goals. As far as fun, I always like to enjoy myself and have had so much fun so far. When I’m at an event though, I get focused. I’m there for a reason and it’s not always just to have fun.

Ryan Nyquist

Read the full interview here:

Ryan’s Bikes:

BMX: a 20.5″ Haro Lineage frame and fork with 990 brake mounts.
MTB: Haro Steel Reserve 1.3

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