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Road.cc’s Peoples Choice: Most Popular Multi-Tools

Road.cc asked their readers which multi-tools they rely on most for mechanical problems on the road. Topeak and Crank Brothers were among the favourites!

Excerpts from Road.cc:

Topeak Alien II/III – 9% ($69.99/94.99 CAD)

Topeak Alien 2 Multi-tool

We’ve grouped together the Alien II and III as they’re conceptually so similar: a multi tool that separates into two parts so the bulk of the body doesn’t get into the way of using the tool bits. The Alien II has 26 bits, the Alien III 25, but the mix is different so if you’re going for the Alien’s comprehensive coverage, check the tool lists carefully.

Here’s reader whizzzz singing the tool’s praises: “I like my old Topeak Alien. It’s well built and its split nature means you can use a spanner with a screwdriver etc. The bits seem well made and I haven’t rounded any allen keys like some tools I have and out on my bike it hasn’t let me or my ride chums down yet.”

Crank Brothers 19 -14% ($52.99 CAD)


This simple but highly functional multi boasts, as you’d expect from the name, 19 tool bits.

medic_ollie likes the gold version which, he says: “Looks great. Feels like it’s going to last for years. The chain tool made short work of my brother’s rusty broken chain. Plus comes with a metal case to keep it looking pristine.”

Topeak Hexus II -17% – ($37.99 CAD)

topeak hexus ii Road CC's peoples-choice most popular multi tool

Topeak tops the ranking with this folding multi-tool that includes 16 tool tips, covering everything a road cyclist is likely to need.

Reader jthef says: “I have 2 of these, older models though, one on each bike; one over 10 years old now and still going strong. No breakages and the chain tools have been used and work well. I really like the clip for holding the chain together while you fit the missing link.”

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