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Ottawa Embraces Cycling

Ottawa embraces cycling

Photo from: Ottawa

Cycling is fast becoming an integral part of Canadian culture with our nation’s capital wholeheartedly embracing cycling. Canada’s Capital Region boasts 600 kilometers of bike paths. The scenic paths are a safe way to travel by bike and let riders take advantage of the greenery and natural beauty within the region.

Equally impressive is the unanimous decision from city council to approve construction of a 4 million dollar segregated bike lane to go in Ottawa’s downtown core. The 2.5 kilometre north-south cycling spine will run between Parliament Hill and Lansdown Park, allowing cyclist to easily and safely navigate across the city. Construction will be implemented in two stages, the first starting this summer. Learn more about the project at Ottawa

Ottawa is delightful city to travel around by bike. View Ottawa’s Cycling Map PDF or check out one of Ottawa’s Scenic Bike Paths!

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