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Meet the Voice Behind Livetoplaysports.com

Krysta Bio As an avid cyclist, Krysta Longridge is delighted to be the new voice for Live To Play Sports’ website and social media channels. We are pleased to note that Rachael Raven, the former marketing coordinator is still in the LTP Sports family. She is currently spreading her wings as a Product Manager in our bike division.

Born and bred in BC, Krysta has been riding bikes her entire life. She has been immersed in the Greater Vancouver bike industry for over a decade, working at Pedal Heads bike camp, local bike shops and at Mountain Biking BC as their content coordinator.

Now positioned at the Live to Play Sports’ headquarters in Port Coquitlam, you can see her passion for cycling radiate throughout her work as she develops content through creating original features and sharing distributed brand news.

Krysta spends her summers exploring, camping and biking as much as possible. She enjoys meandering the seawall taking in all the sites, and sprinting as fast as she can on her road bike, but she gets her biggest rush from steep, loamy descents on her mountain bike. No matter what, she is always smiling whenever she is on any one of her four bicycles.