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SRAM announces voluntary recall of first generation ZIPP 88 aluminum front hubs

zipp_only whiteSRAM has announced a voluntary recall of certain ZIPP 88 aluminum front hubs due to the potential for the hub to fail and cause the wheel to collapse.

This presents a safety issue. As a result SRAM is retrieving and replacing all affected ZIPP 88 aluminum front hubs.

CONSUMERS: If you are using these products, stop using them immediately. Return your front wheel to any SRAM dealer for verification of the product and to obtain a free replacement.

DEALER ACTION: Please help us inform customers about the recall by posting a Safety Recall Poster in your store, attached here. Failure of the ZIPP 88 front hubs, while in use, may result in loss of bicycle control and possible injury. Any dealer with a ZIPP 88 front hub installed on a bicycle wheel can exchange these hubs with their local SRAM DSD, TechCenter or SRAM Distributors. Return of the existing hub would be required.

ISSUE: The 1st generation ZIPP front 88 hub may fail if there is a crack propagating in the hub flange face. This crack could result in the de-tensioning of all the wheel’s spokes. De-tensioning of the spokes will allow the flange rings normally held in place by spoke tension to be forced off their supporting bosses and move axially outward causing the wheel to collapse. As a result, the rider may lose control of the bicycle and crash.

PRODUCT AFFECTED: The affected front hubs were sold to consumers as part of an entire front wheel (both aftermarket and OEM). The approximate retail sale of the front hub/front bicycle wheel is from October 2008 to May 2010. First generation ZIPP 88 front hubs can be identified by a smoke colour flange ring with a “Z”, and smaller clinch nut. For further information on identifying affected hubs, consult Health Canada’s website.

Canadian dealers are encouraged to contact Live to Play Sports with questions, or to exchange affected hubs. Reach our customer service team at 1-800-263-2344 (Toronto) or 1-800-663-8916 (Vancouver).