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Serfas TSL 750 shines against tough competition in MTBR.com bike light shootout

serfas-true-750Compact, powerful, and USB-rechargeable. Serfas’ true series pack a punch in the commuter and trail light category, and have impressed editors over at MTBR.com.

Tested against all the big players in the lighting category, the True series TSL-550 and TSL-750 give a solid performance and even outperformed Serfas’ reported lumen ratings (see the chart here).

The TSL-550 was praised by MTBR’s founder, Francis Cebedo, for its durability, robust cooling fans, and interchangeable optics. Factor in the included bar and helmet mounts and USB wall charger in the box, plus its excellent lumen-to-dollar ratio, the TSL light series offer great performance and excellent value.

Full bike light shootout here.

Watch the review (TSL-550 starts at 4:00 mark):