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Best bike computers for all riders

Now a days there are plenty of options for cycling computers, from on-bike computers to track speed and distance, accessories for your iPhone or Android smartphone, and cycling-specific GPS units.

Whether you simply want to see your current speed and distance on weekend rides around town, or you are training for your next Gran Fondo or big event, there’s a computer for your needs, and budget.

Bike computers: Knog Nerd, Topeak RideCase for Galaxy S3, Sigma 12.12

Bike computers for recreational riders

Recreational riders are often seeking simple 5-function computers which will tell you current speed, trip distance, ride time, odometer, and time. These small computers are great because they live on your bike, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting it.

Sigma 5.12

Five-function wired computer with single button operation. Auto stop / start. MSRP $26 CAD.*

Sigma 5.12 Bike Computer

Knog’s Nerd line

Three wireless models in a bunch of fun colours. Waterproof case mounts easily with a silicone strap – no tools needed! MSRP ranges from $55 to $30 CAD.


Bike computers for commuters

Dedicated commuters will likely want to track current and average speeds, ride time, distance, odometer, and total hours in the saddle – perfect to gauge your weekly miles and gas saved! Make sure to get a computer that detaches easily if your bike isn’t stored somewhere secure.

Sigma 8.12

Wired and wireless options, this eight-function computer includes current, average and max speed. Single button operation and auto stop / start. MSRP $37 (wired), $55  CAD (wireless).


Sigma 12.12 STS Wireless

Twelve function wireless computer optimized for commuters. Memory for two bikes, plus other features including pace arrow and fuel economy estimation. Calculate how many liters of gas you save during your daily commute and rejoice! MSRP $85 CAD.


Bike computers for enthusiasts

For road and mountain bike enthusiasts interested in increasing fitness, or those who want to download and share stats, your smartphone might have all the tech you need. With aps like Strava, Wahoo Fitness, and Topeak’s PanoBike, there are plenty options for recording your training. Add on a Bluetooth speed / cadence sensor and a rugged case, and you have all the data and protection you need.

Topeak RideCase

Mount your phone to your bars, stem, or stem cap with included hardware, which rotates for best possible viewing angle. Available for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC One, plus a waterproof iPhone model. MSRP $50 & $75. PanoBike Bluetooth accessories: Speed & Cadence sensor $52, HRM $70.



Waterproof and shockproof case to turn your iPhone into a full-featured bike computer. MSRP $75.99 CAD. Wahoo Bluetooth accessories: Speed/Cadence sensor $44, HRM $55.


Bike computers for competitive cyclists

Competitive riders seeking the ultimate training partner are generally looking for a device with all of the features discussed above, plus heart rate monitor and GPS / altitude. At this price-point, most devices can be synced with your computer to download routes and training plans before you head out the door, and export data post-ride for analysis. These top-of-the-line computers are also great if you like to explore lesser travelled routes, or hit the road for days at a time on cycling tours.

Sigma ROX 9.1

Triple-wireless computer with speed, cadence, heart rate, altitude, temperature, power estimation, 7-trip memory, plus many more functions. Package comes complete with docking station, speed transmitter, cadence transmitter and HRM strap. MSRP $250 CAD.


Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS ANT+ Wireless

Full featured cycling computer with digitally coded ANT+ transmission and GPS with route/track/direction. Measure your heart rate, power, speed and distance, cadence, plus environmental controls like temperature and altitude. Available in white or black as full set (with speed, cadence and HRM sensor) or basic kit. CAD MSRP $268 (basic); $402 (set).


*All prices are subject to change.