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Vital MTB reviews Axiom Annihilateair G200LE Floor Pump

Carted to the trailhead, stashed in roof boxes, and tossed into truck beds, the crew at Vital MTB put Axiom’s top-of-the-line Annihilateair G200LE Floor Pump to the test for two months. What was the bottom line on their four-star review?

“The lock on grips and metal pump shaft are solid and comfortable. The large base with pedal pins, combined with an oversized PSI gauge that you can see from space, made this pump stand out among many others I have used. It’s complete with some fun bike bling, and its performance makes it ideal for a garage or workshop.”

full_axiomA_376956From Vital MTB:

Initial Impressions

It’s just a floor pump, right? Not this bad boy… it’s like the monster truck of floor pumps! Pulling the Annihilateair out of its box immediately put a smile on my face. The lock on grips, oversized PSI gauge, durable chrome pump shaft, and beefy base riddled with pedal pins all tell of a pump that means business.

First impressions are important, and it looks cool and all, but how would that translate to performance? The key is finding the balance between quality, size, stability, efficiency and price. Good ol’ floor pumps are an absolute necessity for any faithful cyclist and as a daily trail rider, I made sure to put this floor pump to good use over the last couple of months to find out if it walks the walk too…

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