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Fat Bike Gear Is Here – Accessorize Your Ride

As the Canadian Winter approaches many cyclists are putting away their mountain bikes and exchanging them for something a little different – Fat Bikes. As Fat Bikes fly off the bike shop floors it is time to think about accessories! Live to Play Sports currently stocks many fat bike specific products for parts upgrades, replacements or custom builds.

E*13 TRS+ Crankset – 257869-xx
MSRP – $354.99 CAN
Features a 30mm Polygon-100 interface specifically for fatbikes’ wide BB shell.257868-01
Sram X5 Crankset – 315094-xx
MSRP – $187.99
10 x 2 Specific Fatbike Crankset315064-01
45N Dillinger Tire – 163981-xx
MSRP – $250 CAN
26″ x 4″ Folding Studded Fatbike Tire
Featuring 240 lightweight aluminum carbide studs163981-01
Vee Rubber Mission Tire – 161886-xx
MSRP – $90 CAN
Ramped and chisel-shaped center and transition knobs set this tire apart from the others.161886-01
Vee Fatbike Tube – 161890-xx
MSRP – $13.50-$14.50
Available in 26″ x 3.5 and 4.0 diameters in both Presta and Schrader options.
Problem Solvers Direct Mount Front Derailleur Adapter – 256922-xx
MSRP – $60.00 CAN
Clamp around the seat tube to allow for use of a direct mount front derailleurs on frames using a 100mm Fatbike style bottom bracket.