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How to add custom colours to your bike with cables, grips, pedals, and more!

8 ways to add colour to your road, trail, city, and BMX ride

Want a new look for your bike this year? Swap out your factory-installed parts with some custom accessories! Choose your style: neon fluorescents, anodized metallics, carbon-Ti finishes, or even city candy pastels! It doesn’t have to cost a lot, and you can jazz up any kind of bike.

To get started, check out this scroll down for ideas, then visit your local bike shop to see them in person. The staff can help you select, order, and install the parts.

1. Your brake and gear cable housing

Pink brake and gear cable housing for bicycles, by Jagwire

Next time you get a tune-up, ask about changing the black housing that protects your brake and shift cables. Shown: Hot pink Road Pro housing for road bikes, by Jagwire. Colours: black, titanium gray, bianchi blue, carbon silver, blue, red, pink, green, yellow, orange, more. $45 set*

2. Your handlebar tape

Yellow DSP bike handlebar tape, by Lizard Skins

Treat your road bike to a new wrapping of handlebar tape. While you’re at it, take a chance with a new colour. Shown: cushy, comfy 2.5mm bar tape by Lizard Skins. Colours: black, white, blue, red, pink, green, yellow, orange, light blue. $43 set*

3. Your handlebar grips

Fluorescent yellow BMX bike grips, by ODI

Ride a mountain bike or BMX? When your grips get grungy, slip on a new pair. Shown: lock-on Machine BMX grips, by ODI. Colours: Fluro yellow, red, white, black. $35 pair*

4. Your pedals

Anodized red platform mountain bike pedal with pins, by Blackspire

Who says your pedals have to be black? Whether they’re resin or metal, this year’s pedals have surprising options Shown: Anodized red Sub4 MTB pedals by Blackspire. Colours: red, blue, green, light green, purple, pink, gold, orange, gray. $108 pair*

5. Your bike lights

Silicone bike lights in black, green, white, red, pink, and blue, by Knog

Instant colour, super-bright, east to install, and squitshy! Collect all 10! Shown: silicon Beetle front and rear lights, by Knog. Colours: green, white, red, pink, blue, black, translucent, gray. $23 each*

6. Your water bottle holder

Blue, clear plastic bike water bottle cage, by Topeak

An engineered-grade resin bottle cages is as tough as it is attractive. Slip one or two on any of your bikes. Shown: the Mono Cage holder, by Topeak. Colours: blue, white, clear, black, red, gold. $7*

7. Your pump

Silver, red, green Gem mini bike pumps, by crankbrothers

Crankbrothers calls these anodized aluminum mini pumps “Gem” for good reason! Shown: high-pressure, dual head Gem pumps, by crankbrother. Colours: silver, red, green. $30 each*

8. Your waist

Pink chain-style bike lock with black casing, by Hiplok

Okay, technically a wearable lock is not a bike part. But when you lock up your bike, it’s close, right? Shown: pink Hiplok Lite high-security chain link lock. Colours: pink, blue, green, white, yellow, black. $75*

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