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Knog Party Coil cable bike lock arrives in 12 spring colours

Cycle reviewers and colour experts agree: Knog nails it!

Teal Knog Party Coil bike lock with 3 keys and wrist band

Knog’s newest bike lock, the Party Coil, has arrived in Canada in a burst of colour. Technically, the silicon-wrapped cable bike lock is 1.3 meters stretched, about 100mm coiled, and weighs in at just over 300g. The Party Coil comes with 3 keys, a matching wrist coil, and, according to Knog, a “unique combination of materials crush before cutting, making bolt cutter attacks more frustrating for smash-and-grab thieves.”

But if you’ve been following fashion colour trends this spring, you’ll also notice that the Party Coil’s colour palette bears a striking similarity to what’s hot on the runway:

Knog’s hot colours for spring:

Twelve colours of Knog Party Coil cable bike locks

Party Coil cable bike locks, by Knog.

Colour experts’ hot colours for spring:

Pantone palette of spring colours including dusk blue, monaco blue, grayed jade, and eleven others.

Spring 2013 runway fashion colours, by Pantone.

Reviewers at both London Cyclist and Urban Velo call the light, easy-to-stow cable a good-looking lock for securing wheels and lock-ups in low-risk areas. If you’re looking for something more intimidating, Knog recommends the Strongman (gold-rated by Sold Secure, red, black, white, $110*) or Bouncer (bronze-rated by Sold Secure, teal, black, white, $60*)

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* Manufacturer’s suggested retail price, Canadian currency.