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Axiom floor and mini bike pumps are hands-on at Sea Otter 2013

Annihilateair, Terminateair, Blastair bicycle pumps promise big air and smooth moves

MONTEREY, CA – The Sea Otter Classic starts up in California April 18 to April 21, 2013 and Canada’s own Axiom Performance Gear intends to get visitors pumped up with three bike pumps in the 2013 line-up. Going to Sea Otter? Drop by booth 720 and test-ride an Axiom pump.

ANNIHILATEAIR FLOOR PUMP – more air with less effort

Axiom Annihilateair bike floor pumpNew for 2013, the topple-proof aluminum Annihilateair floor pump is a high-volume, high-pressure tool for pro/home mechanics. A pedal pin-studded base, LockDown grips, tall barrel, and dual-valve connector makes it stable, satisfying, easy to pump, and easy to connect.

Product Designer Andrew Belson says, “Every mechanic can relate to even the best of pumps tipping over when they turn their back for a second or if the pump gets hit– we fixed this. A taller barrel means less strokes and less leaning over, and an extra-long hose reaches up to workstand height.”

Annihilateair facts and specs:

  • Full name: Annihilateair G200A floor pump by Axiom Performance Gear
  • Size and weight: 29.5×12.5×9.25″, 3.75 LB
  • Capacity: effortless 200psi
  • Color: anodized red and silver
  • Handle: anodized aluminum with LockDown MTB grips
  • Base: ultra-stable (12.5×9.25″), high-polish aluminum with pedal pins for extra traction
  • Barrel: 6063 T6 aluminum, hard-engineered chrome shaft
  • Connector: Headrush dual-head valve connects instantly with Schrader/Presta
  • Bonus points: easy-to-read gauge, extra-long hose, precision bleed valve
  • MSRP: $130* includes lifetime guarantee
  • Learn more: Annihilateair floor pump for bikes

TERMINATEAIR HAND PUMP WITH HOSE – high-volume and high-pressure

Axiom-Terminateair-bike-pumpThe CNC-machined Terminateair hand pump is light, tough, attaches easily on valves, and—with diamond-knurled grip—feels great in your hands. Choose from HV (high-volume), MV (medium-volume), or HP (high-pressure) designs. All pumps have a quick-pull hose with a ReValver universal valve adaptor.

Andrew says,”Unlike other pumps, just pull the hose out and it’s ready to go—no twisting or removing. Plus the machine-knurled texture ensures a great grip when your hands are muddy or sweaty. Speaking of grip, since you don’t have to grip the end of the pump like other brands, we were able to put an air intake on the end of the pump to increase efficiency.”

Terminateair facts and specs:

  • Full name: Terminateair HV, Terminateair MV, or Terminateair HP hand pump by Axiom Performance Gear
  • Color: anodized black, red, and silver
  • Body: CNC-machined aluminum with knurled grooves for grip
  • Barrel: aluminum single action, air intake in handle, stay-cool plastic plunger
  • Connector: CNC-machined twist ReValver instantly adapts to Schrader/Presta
  • Capacity: 100psi (HV), 130psi (MV), 160psi (HP)
  • Size: 9.25x1x1″ (HV), 8x1x.8″ (MV), 10x1x.7″ (HP)
  • Weight: 5.15oz (HV), 4oz (MV), 4.2oz (HP)
  • Bonus points: no need to remove or flip the pull-out hose, stays cool, includes mounting bracket
  • MSRP: $50* (HV), $45* (MV), $50* (HP) includes lifetime warranty
  • Learn more: Terminateair hand pump for bikes

BLASTAIR MINI BIKE PUMP – cool under pressure

Axiom Blastair bike mini bike pump

The compact Blastair mini pump packs a punch. The tough CNC-machined aluminum pump weighs as little as 3 ounces, but glides high-volume (120psi) or high-pressure (160psi) air into a Presta or Schrader valve in a few strokes. During use the aluminum TipFlip locking lever keeps the valve contact secure and steers clear of the spokes. Available in high-volume short (HVS), high-volume long (HVL), high-pressure short (HPS), and high-pressure long (HPL) designs.

Andrew says, “Axiom pumps don’t use troublesome internal metal plungers. Some believe that all-metal is better, but when metal meets metal, it creates friction and heat. What is that heat doing to your rubber seals? Our pumps stay cool. Use the right plastic, as we do, and you eliminate heat.”

Blastair facts and specs:

  • Full name: Blastair HVS, Blastair HVL, Blastair HPS, Blastair HPL mini pump by Axiom Performance Gear
  • Color: anodized black, red, and silver
  • Body: CNC-machined aluminum with knurled grooves for grip
  • Barrel: aluminum single action, air intake in handle
  • Connector: CNC-machined aluminum reversible Schrader/Presta with MudPlug
  • Capacity: 100psi (HVS, HVL), 160psi (HPS, HPL)
  • Size: 6.7x1x.9″ (HVS), 9x1x.9″ (HVL), 6.7x.9x.7″ (HPS), 10x.9x.7″ (HPL)
  • Weight: 3.8oz (HVS), 4.3oz (HVL), 3oz (HPS), 3.4oz (HPL)
  • Bonus points: MudPlug keeps valve clean, includes mounting bracket
  • MSRP: $40* (HVS), $42.50* (HVL), $40* (HPS), $42.50* (HPL) includes lifetime warranty
  • Learn more: Blastair mini pump for bikes

Axiom Performance Gear has been designing innovative cycling accessories in Canada since 1988. City, commuter, and travel gear includes pannier bags, racks, baskets, pumps, tools, and fenders. Every Axiom product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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