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Yakima SpareTime Bicycle Carrier Recall

Yakima Technical Service Bulletin for Part Number 8002598

Yakima Products has decided that a defect that relates to motor vehicle safety exists with certain Yakima SpareTime bicycle carriers.

Yakima has determined that two mounting bolts installed on SpareTime products manufactured after October of 2011 may not meet minimum strength requirements as specified in Yakima technical documentation. These bolts could break resulting in bike being ejected, creating a road hazard to other vehicles which could possibly result in a crash or injury to persons outside the vehicle.

Identifying the issue: On the back of the rack, look for two bolts. In most cases, the bolts will be visible even when installed on a vehicle. The affected units can be identified by the lack of distinguishing markings on the mounting bolts.

Two bolts on back of Yakima Sparetime rack Good bolt has etched writing on it, bad bolt has no writing.

Recommended action: If your Yakima SpareTime product has bolts with no markings as depicted in the “Bad Bolt” picture, discontinue use and remove the carrier from your vehicle until the carrier can be upgraded with good bolts to be provided by Yakima Customer Service. Read more.

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