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Are you fit for Tubeless Ready?

Tubeless Ready tires are not tubeless tires. However, they can be converted to tubeless tires using a sealing fluid in a special procedure. Read on to find out what else you should know about Tubeless Ready!

How are Tubeless Ready tires fitted?

In a short 4-minute film we show you how this is done. Available in six languages, you’ll find the film at schwalbe.com/videos or by going to the Schwalbe channel on YouTube.

Who rides on Tubeless Ready tires?

The target group:

  • All competitive cyclists.
  • All those cycling to a technically high standard.
  • All those who have always been tubeless fans.

What are the benefits of Tubeless Ready tires?

Considerably enhanced performance because

  • it’s possible to ride with less air in the tires – which in turn improves traction
  • the tire is lighter – only 60 ml of liquid sealant as opposed to a tube weighing around 130-190 g
  • rolling resistance is reduced since the absence of a tube means there is less mass to be deformed
  • the risk of getting a fl at tire is minimal – the liquid sealant reseals any punctures instantly
  • it’s impossible for a valve to shear off since there is no longer any tube to become displaced

What needs to be taken into consideration?

  • Fitting is more complicated.
  • You need a tubeless rim or the rim must be sealed with an appropriate rim tape.
  • Changing a tire is often a messy job because of the liquid sealant.
  • At some stage the liquid sealant hardens (stays in a liquid state for up to seven months, depending on external conditions). After this time the puncture protection is no longer effective.

Tubeless Ready tips
  • Schwalbe tires with a SnakeSkin sidewall are ideal for Tubeless Ready. They seal instantly, much better than all other tires.
  • Schwalbe Tubeless Ready means that the tires have a specially formed, coated tire bead. This seals the rim most effi ciently and provides a secure seat.
  • DOC BLUE Professional comes from Stan’s NoTubes – world renowned for latexbased sealing fluid.

Further questions regarding Tubeless Ready are answered on the Schwalbe website‘s FAQ section.