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NSMB Reviews Topeak Integrated Bottle Cage, Tool and Pump

NSMB recently reviewed a new and attention-grabbing combination of products from Topeak, including a bottle cage, a tool and a pump, all of which work together to mount on your bike. Like us, NSMB was drawn to the idea of a simple, secure and comprehensive storage solution mounted directly onto your mountain bike frame.

Topeak Ninja Cage

The foundation of this combination of bits is the Topeak Ninja Cage X1AJ. Topeak has some other cages, but the adjustable mounting of the X1AJ piqued my interest. The X1AJ has the tidy Ninja mounting interface which works with all the Ninja accessories.

Topeak Ninja Tool Box

The Ninja Tool Box integrates with the Ninja Cage flawlessly. This can be rotated in place to make easy access to the tool or can be quickly removed from the bike. The Toolbox seems to be fairly waterproof when closed. There is a rubber band around the tool which does a good job of keeping the Tool Box rattle free.

Topeak Ninja 16+ Tool

The Ninja 16+ is one of Topeak’s newest tools, and it’s like no other tool I’ve used before. The chassis of the tool is composite polymer which feels light and sturdy. The integrated chain tool is well placed and easy to use. Each of the tools seems to be high quality, and useful so far.

At 92 grams there isn’t much else on the market that offers this level of functionality in a smaller and lighter package.

Topeak Mountain DA G Pump

The Mountain DA G pump is a dual action mini pump, which makes for more air flow in a single stroke (82 cc) which should reduce inflation time. The integrated gauge works well, and when cross checked with high quality gauges at home, seems to be surprisingly accurate.

Altogether, this group of products from Topeak is well thought out, hassle free and an affordable way to relive some pain points for those who don’t always want to ride with a pack.

For the full review and breakdown, click here.


Ninja Cage X1AJ

MSRP: $24.99




Ninja Toolbox and 16+ Tool

MSRP: $54.99



Mountain DA G Pump

MSRP: $39.99