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The 49N FaceShield Fender

Teary eyes at the bottom of your favourite bike trail can be a sign of a really good ride… or can signal the need for a better front fender. From the leading edge of mountain bike fenders comes the 49N FaceShield fender, a simple solution to an age-old problem. Leave the mud where it belongs, and grab one from your local Live to Play Sports dealer today!

A semi-permanent front MTB fender isn’t a new concept, but after extensive testing with other options on the market, we found they weren’t quite perfect. After about 20 prototypes and several months to perfect the shape the 49N FaceShield fender brings together all the elements that we look for in a front fender. Testing and development was done over the winter on Vancouver’s North Shore which is well know for it’s dank, dark, wet and challenging conditions. The result meets and exceeds all of our design goals and is an attractive, functional addition for every mountain bike.

We are particularly pleased with all of the features and technology we have been able to incorporate into the fender.

Starting with the “SlopStop” leading edge.  Most front fenders on the market do nothing to address the material that is flung out in front of the bike while riding.  This material invariably gets blown back in your face, which is simultaneously unpleasant and potentially unsafe.  The “SlopStop” leading edge catches up to 80% of this material, making for a much safer and enjoyable riding experience.

Further protecting the rider is the “FlopStop” rear section of the fender.  The carefully engineered folds provide stiffness to the rear of the fender.  During testing we found that some fenders on the market would get caught up in the tire while riding due to excessive flex.  The “FlopStop” rear section eliminates this flex and has the added benefit of hugging the fender in closer to the tire further increasing it’s effectiveness.

We also incorporated “SealShield” drop section wings around the stanchions.  These wings extend out behind the stanchions and help block dirt and debris from piling up on the fork seals.  During our testing we noted a vast reduction in the amount of gunk built up around the seals after wet, mucky rides.

To affix the fender we chose reusable zip ties. We choose zip ties over velcro as they don’t absorb water and allow the fender to have a much more solid connection to the bike. We are always striving to be as environmentally conscious as possible which was why we chose to use reusable zip ties. The reusable zip ties allow for perfect installation as you can loosen them off and adjust the fit until you have got it just right. If you experience the changing weather conditions that North Vancouver is known for, you’ll appreciate the ability to install or remove the fender in seconds without wasting zap straps. Both the fender and it’s packaging are 100% recyclable.

We’re very proud and pleased with the FaceShield and we hope you enjoy using it!