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Mountain Bike Action’s dropper post shootout: KS LEV, Thomson Elite and Rockshox Reverb

14-09_MBA_p2Droppin’ it like it’s hot! The September issue of Mountain Bike Action tests the newest dropper seatposts on the market, including the Kind Shock LEV, Thomson Elite Covert Dropper, and the Rockshox Reverb.

Posts were rated on five criteria: weight, ease of installation and maintenance, lever ergonomics, on the trail feel, and overall quality.

“Any one of the posts in this shootout would be welcome on a wrecking crewer’s personal bike.” – MBA

Read what MBA had to say:


Tech features: The original KS LEV post garnered a five-star review from the wrecking crew because of its light lever action and smart cable routing. The newest version sports Stealth routing and the same light lever feel we’ve come to know and love. The LEV…weighs in at 1.23 lbs, and sells for $471 CAD.*

On the trail: The KS has the lightest lever feel and excellent ergonomics. The LEV also comes in with the lowest overall weight. The cable system proved the most difficult to install, thanks to a very sensitive cable-length measurement. Once this post is on the bike, though, the rider is treated to a quick (but not too quick), responsive feel that’s infinitely adjustable and super smooth.

Thomson Elite Dropper:

Tech features: Thomson may have come late to the dropper post game, but great products take a little longer. Their post has the same quality and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from any Thomson product…The post weighed 1.54 lbs and sells for $572 CAD.

On the trail:…While their post is on the heavier side, the quality and finish are immaculate. The cable system also proved simple and well thought out. Our only gripe was with the lever, which is certainly on the small side, but we loved this post anyway. The action is super smooth and predictable; the head is infinitely adjustable and strong, and the looks are excellent.

Rockshox Reverb

Tech features: The Reverb is RockShox’s hydraulically actuated post and features an infinitely adjustable height up to 5 inches. The post is controlled via a push-button lever that can be mounted on either side, above or below the handlebar. The Reverb weighs 1.3 lbs and sells for $438 CAD.

On the trail: One of the original dropper posts, the Reverb is still a heavy hitter. The lever ergonomics are close to perfect, the height is infinitely adjustable and the speed of the return is adjustable via a simple barrel adjuster on the lever itself…

Read the full article here as a .pdf.

*Prices updated to reflect Canadian MSRP.